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Archetypical organizational forms: an explanation

Societies around the world have adopted a large variety of organizational and governance forms. These generally represent (a combination of) basic institutional characteristics: (i) public or private; (ii) for profit or non-profit; (iii) governmental or non-governmental; (iv) aimed at the provision of public or private goods/services. Combined, these four elementary interfaces define eight different archetypical organizational forms. Each of these organizational and governance forms creates a different setting for responsible practices and sustainable “business models”.

By clicking on each of these eight archetypical organizations forms, you will get some basic information on strengths-weakness and agency challenges that relate to each governance form. The organizational form was used as a basic selection criterium to various strategies that distinct organizations can develop and for which illustrative case posters could be developed aimed at understanding how different organizational forms can – and probably will – address the SDG agenda differently.

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